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When is the Best Time for Sod Installation, and Why?

SOD installation Service in Buffalo, NY You have decided to go for a fresh sod this year. A brand new landscape, a bright stretch of green, and a lush bed to unwind – it will be splendid!

But with the decision of sod installation come up a lot of questions and confusions. The most concerning among those is, when is the best time to lay sod grass?

We recommend the fall. 

Let’s explore why.

Just the enough rain 

As we move to the cooler months, the frequency of rainfall starts to level out. Therefore, you get just the exact amount of precipitation needed for the new lawn. Too much water on the upper level of the roots can damage proper growth and lead to the browning of the grass blades. And too less water is also damaging. Hence, sod installation during fall allows enough water to the roots, helping the lawn grow beautifully.

Cool soil for sod installation

During fall, the soil temperature remains moderate – not too cold, nor too hot, providing the right kind of base for the grass. Even if the air temperature rises, the soil is likely to remain cool allowing perfect growth of the roots. Extreme hot or cold weather ruins the root growth resulting in yellowish or brownish grass. Hence, fall is the ideal time for sod installation. You need to give the roots the time it needs to settle down.

Help your lawn get a leg-up during spring

You have done the hardest labor during the fall. The roots have got a nice grip on the soil. You have provided the best water-temperature ratio too. Now, wait for the winter to arrive and go. Because then comes the spring. And, as the sod has already taken roots and gone deeper into the soil, spring will give it the best push to thrive. So, sod installation during fall gives your lawn a leg-up in spring.

So, other seasons are not okay for sod installation?

Every season can be fine for laying sod only if you are willing to do that extra work and put that extra toil it requires. Moreover, you may need to spend some additional sod installation costs when you do it in summer or winter.

Precisely, choosing any weather condition that has extremes to offer is a ‘no-no’, because we want you to save your pocket. The season of fall, also spring to a great extent allow the natural bloom.

Otherwise, it involves a lot more effort and cost, as you have to create the perfect environmental conditions superficially.

Not Up for DIY? Avail professional sod installation service

Thinking of avoiding sod installation DIY? Great decision!

When you try to do it all on your own, the challenges seem to increase with every step. And, if you lack the patience and knowledge, your lawn can get ruined forever. Also, the money you spend on the sod gets wasted. And what about the tools? Do you have them?

So, avail the expert assistance of our team of professional sod installers. Just search for the ‘best sod installation near me’ and you’re sure to get Prime Landscapers on the top of that list. We help you choose between the grass types – Bermuda and Zoysia, and finish the sod installation job with perfection.  Read this article also to get the idea about the mulch installation: Have doubts about mulch installation? Here we reason with you as to why it’s essential

With fall around the corner, choose the most affordable sod installation service provided by Prime Landscapers in Buffalo, Newyork. Give your landscape the lift it needs.

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