Tree Service


Tree Service

Do you have unwanted, dead, or dangerous trees on your property? Or does your neighbor’s tree is overhanging your yard? Then the professional gardening services Buffalo NY– can help you to stay protected. And when you look for tree service experts in Prime Landscapers, you can trust us. With our expertise and wide experience, we have grown as one of the most popular tree service providers in Prime Landscapers.

At Prime Landscapers, we offer a wide range of tree services for both residential and commercial properties. Starting from hedge trimming and stump grinding to tree pruning and planting advice, qualified arborists can assist you in everything. Here we carry our machinery and equipment to every site and when we work, we will answer any and every question that you may have.

What do we offer in the tree service?

We offer a wide range of services as part of the tree service. These include:

  1. Tree removal
  2. Pruning the dying or dead branches of trees
  3. Trimming and shaping hedges 
  4. Cleaning sites after storm damage
  5. Getting rid of tree stumps
  6. Offering onsite advice for the overview of any tree health

What makes us different?

  • We always offer transparent quotes to our clients and our rates are highly competitive
  • We know tree service is messy. And therefore we complete our job by taking all the mess away with us.
  • We are fully insured and therefore our service is very safe.
  • We are industry experts with staff members with backgrounds in arboriculture and horticulture. Therefore, you can only expect the best quality service from us every time. 

No tree service is too small or too big for us. So, we are always ready to help you with every kind of tree service. At Prime Landscapers, we work to be a leader, who spreads the arborist mentality to people. So, the job of an arborist is a lifestyle for us and it also offers the constant commitment to do better. We consider the right tree care is a great investment for ourselves. So, we are always ready to take this journey with our clients.

senior man watering his plants in his garden with sprinkle