Spring and Fall Clean Up


Spring Clean up Fall Clean Up

Spring is that time of the year when you should lay the foundation for your professional gardening services Buffalo NY. So, people opt for a spring clean-up service to clean out all the debris that winter leaves behind and to prepare the lawns and beds for upcoming seasons. This ensures that the property owners get the gardens and lawns that they desire. Besides, spring clean-up service Buffalo NY is also the best time to fertilize the lawns to develop strong roots while eliminating the weeds before they grow. On the other hand, fall cleanup is essential for maximizing the garden and lawn quality. Opting for fall cleanup service ensures:

  • Reduced weeds
  • Reduced insects
  • Greener lawn
  • Stronger grass

At Prime Landscapers, we consider spring yard clean up services in Buffalo NY as an important part of our garden maintenance service. With this service, we help the properties and gardens to prepare for the winter and summer and to deal with the stresses that Mother Nature offers. The cleanup service includes blowing, raking, and collecting leaves and yard waste from the landscaping and grass across the property. Apart from that, we also offer a final mowing service to leave the lawn and garden ready for the next season.

The clean-up service often varies from one property to another because of the tree cover. Therefore, prices often vary from one job to another. But you can set the priority of the areas that need more focus to ensure that we can cover the most important areas of your lawn and garden. But if you don’t specify the limit, then we will continue the job until it is complete.

Services we offer as part of spring/fall clean up:

  1. Removal of twigs and sticks packed into flowerbeds and turfgrass
  2. Annual pruning of ornamental grasses, perennials, and roses
  3. Inspect and clean gutters
  4. Application of systematic insecticides and fungicides to shrubs and trees for helping them to defend against the seasonal diseases and pests like scales, mites, boring insects, black spots on roses, etc.
  5. Top dressing beds with mulch
  6. Applying shrub and tree foods for granular weed prevention and long-lasting fertilization 
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