Winter Lawn Care

How To Rejuvenate Your Lawn After Winter?

Weather these days is getting intense and crazy. And as winter is counting its days – beautiful spring is kicking in. During this time, there’s one thing every lawn owner wishes: seeing their lawn going back to its perfectly maintained condition with beautiful blooming flowers and trees.

Early springs are the best times of the year to sit and enjoy your garden and the pleasant weather. But generally, after winter, the grasses are often infected by weeds, and green grass turns into a brownish hue color. Proper fertilization, watering and mowing, and many other activities must be carried out before the lawn revives from its winter dormancy.

At Prime Landscapers, we understand the relationship between a clean, healthy lawn and a pleasant spring – and we aim to help New York residents in taking care of their lawn in winter and every other season. We employ the best and most experienced gardeners and landscapers in Amherst and provide complete grass maintenance and winter lawn care services. Here are some ways our experts suggest and use to revive a lawn after winter:


Test and Analyze the Soil

This is one of the first and most important tasks to be carried out once winter is over. Getting your soil analyzed and tested will help you in identifying the nutrients that have gone down. With the proper information, you can decide which nutrient should be added back when fertilizing your lawn. 

Aerate the Lawn

After the winter, your lawn will have weeds and long grass that can hinder the proper aeration of the soil. Aerating will give your lawn a chance to breathe before the grass goes dormant. It lets the air get down to the roots of plants in your soil and leads to a healthier lawn that can resist weeds. 

If you are one of the busy New Yorkers who want to get all aeration, weed removal, and water blasting done while you are at your job – contact Prime Landscapers, and we will get it done before you get back from your job in the evening.

Do a Full Cleanup and Mow the Lawn 

One thing guaranteed after winters is that your lawn grass will be all long grown and full of weeds that will deprive other plants of essential nutrients. On top of that, you will have excessive thatch that will prevent the roots from getting enough air or water. 

So before you spray on fertilizers, you would need to remove this layer of dead grass and organic matter.

While most of us can take care of watering the plants, reviving your lawn involves many more steps, including seeding bare spots, applying weed killers, sweeping after fertilizing- which makes it a hectic and hard process that requires time, money, and pieces of equipment that many of us might not even have.


If you are a busy person and want to enjoy your lawn without having to waste your time after your lawn – contact Prime Landscapers and take help from the best gardeners and landscapers in Amherst. We provide you with complete winter lawn care services, full spring cleanup, tree removing services, mulch installation, SOD Installation, and many more at the most affordable prices.

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