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4 Quintessential Tree Care And Maintenance Tips To Keep Trees Healthy

Trees do more than just sit pretty on our properties. They provide shade, cut power costs, and keep the air pollution in check. The present global forest cover stands at 31%,  – meaning about 4.06 billion hectares of land covered with trees.

Sounds impressive, right? We agree too. However, that much forest cover is still not enough to avert the impending climate disaster. This implies we will have to plant more trees to save our planet.

Tree Care and Maintenance

While most homeowners can easily plant a tree, not many are great at tree care and maintenance. But maintaining trees is just as important as planting them. That’s the only way they thrive and look their best.

So, if you want your garden to be the envy of your neighbors, then you need to put that “extra” care into the tree maintenance. 

Taking care of trees is not only about watering or trimming them once a week or month. That helps for sure, but there is much more you can do to keep them at their best health.

 We’ll share some tree care and maintenance tips to keep trees healthy and thriving through the seasons. 

1. Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is like giving trees a haircut. If you want to ensure that your greens look lovely and healthy all year round, regular tree trimming is just the key to it.

Tree trimming eliminates the dead branches and leaves so that new ones can grow. It’s a safety measure too. The frail tree branches pose a serious risk to properties during severe weather. 

If you can’t do the trimming work yourself, contact Prime Landscapers and our professional landscapers will do it for you.

2. Water Young Trees Regularly

It is so essential to water trees regularly, especially if they’re all new and young. Regular watering transfers important nutrients to all parts of the tree. It enables the young trees to stand up straight.

An expert tree care and maintenance tip is to aim for about 10 gallons of water per inch of the trunk’s diameter.

Old trees need less water as they have an expansive root system. The roots can draw water from below the ground. Well, the same doesn’t go for young trees. You will need to water them regularly to enable them to grow their roots.

3. Keep Check On Pests & Diseases

The pesky pests and diseases are detrimental to trees’ health, no matter how well you take care of them. Pests reverse all the hard work you did to keep your trees in their best shape. Hence, we can’t stress enough the need to keep a close eye on pests and diseases.

Check your trees for unusual changes like spots on leaves, fungi on barks, or abnormal structural changes. Those are signs that pests or diseases might be attacking your trees and

If that’s the case, seek professional help from Prime Landscapers to kick the pests at bay.

4. Mulch

Contrary to popular opinion, mulch is not just a decorative element for your garden. Mulch retains water, especially in drought areas. It also shields the trees from extreme temperature changes.

So, mulching is another of the beneficial tree care and maintenance tips to keep trees healthy.

Time To Commit To Tree Care And Maintenance

Now that you know the tips to take care of trees, make sure you follow them all. For the right touch of professional tree care and maintenance, contact Prime Landscapers– the best-rated landscape and tree service in Buffalo NY. We are just one call away!

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