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3 Steps To Create A Beautiful Hillside Landscaping Design

Hillside properties in Buffalo provide magnificent sights, but they can also pose some of the most difficult gardening problems. 

Sloping surfaces make your hillside landscape design and maintenance more complex. And, that’s why Prime Landscapers assesses properties to come up with the best ideas for beautiful hillside landscaping while keeping you and your property safe. To get you started, here are 3 steps and the insights to look for.

3 Steps to follow for a beautiful hillside landscaping design

1. Create Your Plan

Making a plan is critical in designing any kind of hillside landscaping idea. Here’s how you can do it:

Draw the design- Make a basic sketch yourself, or hire a landscape architect for a more detailed plan. Design with accessibility in mind- You want to make accessibility a priority in your hillside landscaping design. The less difficult it is to navigate the slope, the safer it is, the simpler it is to maintain, and the more time you’d like to spend outside. 

Consider the scale- Choose hardscape materials that can complement the scale of your hillside landscaping sites, such as boulders or rocks. We check if the materials can aid in the stability of your slope rather than destabilizing it. 

Select your style- Choose design, material, and plants that complement the exterior of your property. More natural-looking houses can be complemented by rough rocks, railroad ties, and native plants. Whereas, more modern designs are complemented by cleaner materials and formal landscaping.

Be its scale or the kind of rocks, the best landscaping company in Buffalo can build a pleasing customized hillside landscaping for your preference.

2. Ensure important considerations

Some of the aspects need to be considered on a lead while thinking of designing your hillside landscaping. They are as follows:

Analyze the drainage Ensure that there’s enough drainage to prevent erosion and the development of cracks, shifting, or crumbling walls. We can construct you a French drain or any other kind of drainage system as required to channel runoff water that collects at the bottom of your slope.

Evaluating the slope Determine whether your hillside has a gentle, medium, or high incline. This can assist you in determining which solutions would be most effective. A minor grade can be stabilized with rocks, mulch, and plants, whereas a medium slope may benefit from the use of landscaping fabric beneath dirt or mulch for extra stability.

Assess the soil- Your soil type determines how well the slope flows and the amount of erosion that may occur. Sand and silt drain faster than clay and are more susceptible to erosion. In the case of less stable soil, a more durable option, such as a concrete barrier, may be required.

3. Decide your plants

Trees and plants that have a deep taproot that rapidly spread to cover bare soil are ideal for your hillside landscaping. Observe microclimates, because rock walls can absorb the sun, which makes adjacent plant beds warmer. 

Keep track of how the sun moves across your property during the day and throughout the seasons. Choose plants, based on whether they require full sun, partial sun, or shade. 

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