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Your 5 Step Guide For Making Your Landscape Spring Ready!

Just a few more days and spring will be knocking on your doors with all its glory – lush green leaves adorned by bright, colorful flowers, chirping birds, beautiful floating scents. And as much as you want to put away spring landscaping preparation for just another day, there isn’t time! So, buckle up because we take you through our must-follow 5-step guide which you HAVE to incorporate into your landscape today.

5 Steps To Prepare Your Landscape For Spring

Step 1: Clean your yard periodically

One of the most important steps towards spring yard maintenance is clearing up the debris including leaves, twigs, and other similar biowastes. Clearing out the huge amounts of waste that accumulate over wintertime can seem overwhelming. But if you’re clever and utilize the small gaps between the wintertime, then you’ll always be one step ahead with less to clear out at the end. 

Step 2: Decide your mulches now

You might still have time to layout the mulches and other landscape materials but it is never too late to lay down the groundwork. Use the time to edge the beds, trim dead branches and research the kind of mulch you want to layout on the yard. 

Many homeowners have started preferring hardwood mulch over other options due to its longevity and color. But other options like bark and leaf mulch can also be considered as viable choices. 

Step 3: Examine the trees

Keep a constant lookout for any dead or damaged branches of your trees if you want to keep yourself and your house safe. If you ever notice a single one, get it removed immediately by calling a tree pruning service. 

Step 4: Apply pre-emergent controls

Early March marks the perfect time to start the weed control process of your garden. While mulching the garden the pre-emergent can be applied while crabgrass can be applied to the lawn. The ideal time for pre-emergent is when the ground has been thawed and the temperature hasn’t reached 55 degrees

Step 5: Ideate landscape design

If you’re planning to install some unique designs and ideas to your landscape then now is the time! Contact your spring landscaping team now to sit and ideate the best additions that will complete and enhance the entire look of your landscape. 

Coordinate the details right away so that by the time spring rolls in, you can just sit back and enjoy the results!

Give Your Landscape The Gift Maintenance With Prime Landscapers

Spring lawn maintenance in the middle of winter? Brr, it’s too cold! But what if you can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your perfectly kept landscape? It’s not a dream but a reality! By getting the services of Prime Landscapers you can ensure a spring-ready landscape without lifting a finger.

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