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How To Get Best Results In Sod Installation A Detailed Installation Guide

Although installing sod is not a complex job, it does necessitate some hard manual labour and knowledge. It is not a challenge for the inexperienced, but we want to lay out what is implied so you can make the best choice about whether or not to lay sod. Here are a few primary steps to sod installation for your lawn that every professional sod installer will follow for installing sod. Significant Steps For Sod Installation

Ground Soil Preparation

You could perhaps think that the initial step is to buy sod, but that isn’t the case. First, you must make preparations for your soil. The preparation of the soil is essential for the success of the sod graft. Soil preparation takes time, so don’t purchase your sod until you’re ready to lay it. It is ideal to place your order after you have completed all of the necessary preparations. Wait if you’re getting sod only because your old greenery died. To avoid the same situation occurring again, you must first determine why that grass died before trying to grow something new.

Hence, grab your forensic implements and use them to figure out what went wrong so you don’t spend energy, money, and materials on a new lawn only to have it do the same thing.

Reason For Grass damage

  • Excessive shade is one of the reasons why lawns stop growing.
  • Poor mowing practices, such as mowing too high or low, or using worn-out equipment, such as a mower with a dull blade
  • Density of Soil
  • Turf not appropriate for the region

Determine how much sunlight your lawn receives. Make certain that the new sod is laid in an area that will receive adequate sunlight. Have a soil test done. This is the most effective method for determining what your soil is sorely missing to purchase the required fertiliser and/or other solutions. Sample tests typically require you to collect and mix soil samples from multiple locations in your yard. If your entire yard has been destroyed, you should consider getting multiple soil tests performed because problems that occur in one region of your lawn may not happen in another.

Taking Care of Old Soil

If your lawn only includes a thin coating of old soil, scoop it off with professional sod installers with a flat shovel. It may also apply chemicals to remove the debris but in a limited amount. Products containing glyphosate are the easiest and safest, but they are questionable because of their higher toxicity and relate to cancer. Manufacturers have made a concerted effort to find an efficient substitute for glyphosate. Rototill what’s left of the lawn into the dirt with a rototiller. If you have sprinklers, make a note of where the sprinkler systems are.

This competes directly for nutrients, which turf that has still formed itself does not require. Sod installation overlapping on your existing grass is not healthy at all. Soil-to-soil connection is critical to the success of your fresh lawn. This is an effective way to ensure the roots can maintain themselves. It is ideal to get rid of existing grass before putting in new sod for a healthier lawn.


If you leave the old lawn alone or remove it entirely, the next step is to till the area. Grass and the soil beneath it become compacted over time, especially in areas where clay soils are usual. Tilling can be used to break up the soil and allow the roots of the new sod to develop themselves. You can either fertilise the soil before installing the sod or apply fertiliser on top of the sod after it has been laid down. You should consider how much topsoil you have. Sod is very flexible and will thrive in a variety of soil types, but it will thrive in earthy soil.

Getting Your Sod

Because sod has a short shelf life, it must be installed as soon as possible after it is produced. Based on the type of sod, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Many customers buy sod in rolls. This sod will continue to try to grow, and the heat generated during this process has the potential to kill the entire roll of sod from the inside. Because sod is a living and perishable item, turf firms usually do not ensure it if it is not installed within the same day. It is critical to install the sod immediately to avoid drying out and rotting. For efficient results search sod installation near me and try to install sod within a day.

Sod Installation

Now that you’ve completed all of the necessary preparations, it’s time to lay your sod. It’s dirty, dirty work rather than leave to a professional sod installer. Start by laying sod in parallel rows, starting with the lengthiest straight edge. Proceed to lay the sod in neat lines, but startle the short edges to eliminate one long stream.

Fundamental Care

Reduce the duration of irrigation water after the sod has been established. 1″ of water once a week or 1/2″ of water twice a week.  Deep irrigation is required for established turf to build a robust root system. Apply fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticides as needed to help keep a healthy lawn.


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