Smart Irrigation Techniques

Smart Irrigation Techniques To Maintain A Healthy & Green Lawn

Summer is one of “those” times where your landscape literally demands extra care and nourishment to hold its greenery through the hot and punishing season. When the summer is at its peak, hitting the highest point – the drastic changes in humidity, temperature, and rainfall significantly impact the plants and green in your property.

To save your plants from the ill effects of the scorching sun, a watering (or irrigation) plan is the ONLY OPTION for you. An appropriate watering plan will help your plants and shrubs get through the summer season maintaining their green. By implementing proper irrigation methods, you can sustain a healthy lawn, conserve water and save your money on utility bills too.

Before all…

Smart irrigation techniques are specifically developed to address the water scarcity issues and help the environment remain intact. The new and smart landscape irrigation system can take into account many factors like soil conditions, evaporation, weather, plant water use to ensure the plants get accurate amounts of water and conservation is maximized.

Let’s check out some simple strategies that can benefit you with your irrigation and landscaping techniques.

Smart Irrigation Techniques To Keep The Landscape Green

Group vegetation according to their water needs

Grouping the plants with similar water needs allows you to program water for every zone’s specific conditions easily. Always make sure that the turf areas and shrub areas are separated into different hydro zones as they have different watering needs.

Water wisely

Always be aware of your plant’s water needs and avoid overwatering them. If you have a landscape irrigation system, make regular adjustments to ensure proper watering. Additionally, be sure to look at the WaterSense label on the components for your system.

Maintain and upgrade your system

There are chances that your landscape watering system could get damaged from the use of lawn equipment and improper winterization and develop leaks and other serious problems in it. Keeping it maintained regularly will ensure that your irrigation system works efficiently for a long time.

Maintain healthy soils

Healthy turf can effectively circulate nutrients, reduce runoff, retain water and absorb excess nutrients, deposits, and pollutants. Various practices such as fertilization, cultivation, weed control, and proper mowing are necessary for maintaining healthy soils. You can also make soil amendments to maintain an optimum pH level that benefits in maintaining the overall soil health.

Try Mulching and Aerating 

Mulching around shrubs and garden plants can help reduce evaporation, stop weed growth, moderate soil temperature, and prevent erosion. Along with mulching, check if your lawn is compacted or not. Because if it is, water cannot reach the soil and provide adequate nourishment. Aerating the soil and adding organic matter to it can help improve the soil’s ability to hold water.


Implementing these smart irrigation techniques will help you maintain a greener lawn through the heat and avoid wasting any money or water.

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