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Side Yard Landscaping: Enticing And Practical Ideas To Maximally Utilize Your Space

The narrow side yard running around your property may seem like a futile space. You may think there’s not enough room for the best landscaping service near me in Buffalo to do anything recreational there. 

But surprisingly, Prime Landscapers – the best landscaping maintenance in Buffalo NY has tons of gorgeous side yard landscaping ideas. We can either landscape it to be pretty, functional, or both. Here are some of our most popular side yard landscaping designs to spruce up your property.

7 Amazing Ideas For Side Yards

Design A Garden Retreat

Utilize the side area against your property to grow flowers, veggies, or herbs. We can install a trellis for hanging plant boxes or vertical planting to resemble framed landscaping art. You can also opt for in-ground greenery and potted plants. 

Top this side yard landscaping area with a bench. Or consider building a plant station on either side of the wall.

Deck Things Out

Is your outdoor space too small for a deck or patio? Then, construct one on the side yard instead. A leveled charming deck can add depth to your small property size leading from the back door with a perfect seating area. Jazz up the sideyard garden by surrounding the deck area with greenery and landscaping stones.

Light The Path

Turn a narrow side yard space into a pathway from the front yard to the back. Fill it in with concrete pavers, stepping stones, or stamped concrete. Line up the pathway using boxwood shrubs, small plants, or pretty fencing. For added charm (and increased safety), light the pathway with solar-powered in-ground lights.

Entertain Little Ones

Pavers, patios, gardens, and the like side yard landscape design are great for adult-yard spaces. But if kids are on the scene, these landscaping ideas can lead to skinned knees and bumped heads. Give children their own space with fun playful ideas.

For that, turn the side yard landscaping into a space of thrilling activities. Mount a sticky wall or an outdoor chalkboard, build a rock-climbing wall, and install a sandbox. Or hang plastic buckets, jump ropes, and other toys from a trellis. Seal off the area with elegant fencing or gates.

Install A Plunging Pool

These narrow relaxing pools can go right up against the sidewall of the property. Or in the middle of a wall and fencing. Keep pet animals and unsupervised children out of the pool area with decorative barriers. 

Not a good swimmer? Install a koi pond, instead.

A Dog Run Area

An ideal dog run provides your furry pal with adequate room to run and play. And side yards are the perfect size for this. If you already have a fence along the sides of your yard, then even better. You don’t have to worry about building a safe enclosure for dogs – and let them run free enjoying their time outside.

Build Yourself A Work Or Hobby Area

No one can see your side yard landscaping if you shield it with a fence or shrubbery. These long, narrow areas provide you with a perfectly secluded spot where you can work out or partake in your hobbies in peace.

Call In The Pros Of Prime Landscapers For Side Yard Landscaping

For bringing your side yard vision into reality, hire the help of our landscaping professionals. We will dedicatedly listen to your design goals and develop a customized plan for your yard. With us, your side yards will no longer be neglected! 

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