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7 Tips To Get Started On Your First Garden Landscaping

Are you planning on your first garden landscaping for this spring? Or rehabbing the outdoor space of your farmhouse? Great!

But where will you start? Got no clue? No worries – we have your back!

Read on our blog for some much-needed landscape design tips to kickstart your spring garden today.

Figure out the purpose of your garden

The first landscape design tip you must follow is to determine why you want to landscape your garden. Ask that question to yourself.

With the purpose in mind, you can landscape a space that does double duty. Also, you can mix and match ornamentals and edibles in the planting bed. 

Define the boundaries of your garden

Prime Landscapers gardeners and landscapers in Amherst strongly advise on marking areas and boundaries of your garden. Once you figure that out, you can install a charming hedge or fence around it. 

Defining boundaries is one of the must-follow landscape design tips that you can’t overlook. Or else, disagreements with the neighbors over property boundaries will be a common scene. 

Know the eccentricity of your property

No piece of land is the same. Each has its unique features – sunny or shady areas, elevated points, windy spots, soil conditions, and existing plants. This may or may not match your neighbor’s. So, never make the mistake of desiring a landscape exactly like your neighbor’s. 

It is better to figure out your property’s distinct features. The more you know about the characteristics of your property, the better you can landscape it. 

Don’t shy from borrowing landscaping ideas

There is nothing to be shy about capitalizing on the loveliness that surrounds your neighborhood. A quintessential landscape design tip is to incorporate borrowed ideas into your landscape. 

You will find tons of ideas to explore and make your garden feel expansive. (Don’t forget to ignore the above landscape design tips while incorporating borrowed ideas).

Measure out the dimensions for landscaping a path or walkway

If you have space in your garden, don’t lay out a path as narrow as 15 inches. Try to make the paths wider by properly measuring out your garden. This will make your garden feel more spacious. 

If you have enough space, try landscaping a 48-inch-wide walkway. This will be enough for two people to walk side by side. 

You can also try laying out a walkway that narrows and widens to make it look visually appealing. 

Design a patio based on how you will use the space

One of the basic garden tips is to figure out the use of a patio before laying them. If you want to use it as an outdoor dining room, ensure it is convenient to the kitchen.

Or else if you want your patio to be a relaxing spot, place it on an edge of the garden. 

Choose plants that will thrive in your local climate

You don’t want the plants looking all gloomy and suffocated in your garden. So, choosing native plants is another of the must-follow landscape design tips

Each land has its micro-climates of sun and shade. So, other than checking the local climate, keep in mind the microclimate too while choosing plants. 

Pretty up your spring garden with Prime Landscapers

Getting started on landscaping gardens requires a ton of effort and deliberation. With Prime Landscapers, you just have to sit back and relax while our landscapers give your gardens a dose of charm.

With us, you will boost your garden’s curb appeal for sure!

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