Healthy Lawn Care

Maintaining the Perfect Lawn: Tips from the Professional Landscapers

A healthy, aesthetic, and green lawn is the best therapy for your eyes and mind. Along with enhancing the property’s curb appeal, the greenery helps relax and soothe the soul.

But to have this therapeutic space, there are certain practices that every homeowner must follow.

To guide every prideful homeowner, the best landscaping company in Buffalo has mentioned some essential tips for a green healthy lawn. Let’s check them out.

5 Essential Practices For a Healthy Lawn

Water in the Morning

Irrigation is a crucial part of healthy lawn care. Knowing how much water your grass and trees need, you should also know the best time to water them. A regular watering schedule ensures the soil remains moist and plants keep on thriving. 

To get the most benefits, use sprinklers that cover the entire area and water your garden in the early mornings (between 4:00 am to 9:00 am) 2-3 times a week. Watering at this time helps the grass to absorb water before the temperature reaches its peak.

Learn About Mowing 

When it comes to lawn grass, different people prefer different heights. Do some research about your lawn and make sure never to cut grass lower than the preferred height.

Another rule of healthy lawn care is never to remove more than 1/3rd of the overall height of the grass. Cutting more than this height creates plant stress and has a negative impact on the overall appearance of your lawn.

Additionally, sharpen your mowing blades and occasionally alternate your mowing direction. This will help in preventing grass tearing and soil degradation. 

Trim Your Trees

Trees are a significant aspect of any lawn. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors, you need to take care of the trees. Make sure they get the appropriate amount of fertilizers and water to keep growing.

Additionally, you can take the help of our tree and landscaping professionals to trim down the dead and overgrown branches and keep the trees sturdy and green for a long time. 

Invest in Weed Control

Weeds are the biggest problem many homeowners face. They absorb essential nutrients and make your lawn more prone to disease, insect infestation, drought, etc. 

While proper fertilizing, deep watering, and weekly mowing can help you keep the weeds away. You can also hire professionals to carefully apply herbicides on your lawn and effectively kill these weeds without damaging the surroundings.

Try Mulching

Mulch helps in regulating the soil temperature and protecting your yard from topsoil erosion and harsh weather. It provides nutrients, retains moisture, and helps in evenly spreading water across the yard. Depending on your personal preference you can choose organic and inorganic mulches to cover your yard with a beautiful protective layer.

Be Creative!

Along with taking care of the health of your plants, also think of new additions that can enhance your exteriors.

The key is to learn more about lawn care and keep a regular eye on the plants’ health. 

If you need any assistance with lawn care, landscaping, mowing, or mulch installation, contact Prime Landscapers. Our expert team will provide you with the best landscaping and lawn care services at the most affordable rates.

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