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Gardeners and Landscapers: Which one do you need?

Gardeners and Landscapers – Grasping the true difference between gardeners and landscapers is grueling. Sometimes we require the services of “best gardeners near me,” and other times, we seek the service of landscapers.

But without understanding the actual skill set of gardeners and landscapers, it’s not feasible to hire them for their services.

As we take a deeper look, we find both these words are closely related, and there is always some crossover. But at the same time, there lies a significant difference between both professions.

To cut through the confusion and understand the true meaning of gardeners and landscapers, Prime Landscapers has laid down this write-up for you. Here, you will understand the difference, the services they master, and also get to know the best place to find expert gardeners and landscapers in New York.

Gardener vs. Landscaper – What’s the difference?

Before getting into the differences, you must know that both gardeners and landscapers work towards beautifying your garden.  They aim to create and maintain the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

Landscaping and gardening services involve designing, planning, and maintaining the natural beauty of your home.

Finally, the difference.

Gardeners also called “plantsmen,” are focused on the health and well-being of your plants. Whereas landscapers, also known as “hardscapers,” work towards building and beautifying your outdoor space, like patios, driveways, walls.

Another major difference between gardeners and landscapers is the scope of the work they are qualified to carry out.

For instance, anyone can be a gardener (not an expert, though) but to become a professional landscaper, one needs a trade license, builder’s license, and even a paving license to carry out their work.

Landscaping and gardening services – What does it include?

Once you learn the difference, now you must know about the services of gardeners and landscapers – and we will address it individually.

What do gardeners do?

Usually, gardeners start their work by examining your greens, their species, conditions, needs, lingering diseases (if any), and different other “plant” things that need attention.

Once certain, gardeners start their work with pruning and trimming, applying herbicides and feed, clearing the grounds of twigs and debris, monitoring plants growth, and there are a lot of services that gardeners have to take care of. 

The job of gardeners doesn’t end there! They have your greens under constant examination and observation, ensuring they maintain their health and grow to the best ability.

What do landscapers do?

From the design of your landscape to the construction – landscape designers do it all for you. They put together plants, flora and fauna, and different outdoor elements, ensuring everything blends and works together with your landscaping constructions. 

Landscaping services are all about creating a stellar outdoor space to complement your property and make it stand as a jewel among the rest.

Gardening and Landscaping Near Me

For landscaping and gardening services in New York, there is no better than Prime Landscapers. Carrying years of experience in the landscaping and gardening industry, our team of professional landscape designers and gardeners is committed to providing the best services to our community.

We also understand that each individual is different; hence their taste and choice are also different. Depending on your preference and requirement, we also provide customized landscaping and gardening services at affordable rates.

Here you are, the boss – and we do what you want!

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We know opting for gardening and landscaping services can be a huge undertaking. But the outcomes are equally rewarding.

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