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Fall Yard Cleanup: Quick Tips and Tricks

Is your yard piling up with leaves already? It’s a hassle to clean them…we know!

Have you heard…..landscape debris alone comprises 13 percent of the total solid waste in America. So, it’s obvious that people are not ditching cleanups just because it’s hard. 

Luckily, fall clean up services have made it easier than ever. 

However, to help you, we’ve brought some easiest tips and tricks for a fall cleanup. Let’s adieu this fall season in an easy cleanup routine by using the tips below. 

Ideas to make your fall cleanup easier this autumn

Keep your tools sharp

Are you sure that your clipping tools are sharp? If not then be ready to spend double the time. Shears, hedge clippers, and pruners are important to keep sharpen and rust-free. Doing so, you are at ease to cut off any broken branches swiftly.

Not just time, you are also letting your plants heal quicker. If you cut them with unsharpen or rusted tools, the cuts will be in a bad shape. This way your plants will take more time to heal from the cuts.

Do not have enough tools at home? DIY is definitely a costly investment! 

Rather, why not save your time and get a quality fall yard cleanup from Prime Landscapers. We have all kinds of modern tools and equipment. 

Mulch the grass instead of bagging

If you mulch the grass, the clippings would stay right there and will decompose themselves. But, if you choose to bag, you’d be inviting an extra workload. 

Bagging- It is when you cut the grass and collect them in an approved yard waste bin. 

Did you know? The grass clippings left on the lawn can reduce 25 percent of your lawn’s fertilizing needs. In fact, these clippings consist of around 85 percent water. As they decompose very quickly, you also do not have to worry about any thatch issues. 

Wear your toolbelt for easier tool accessibility

With a tool belt, you can just wear around all the necessary tools for fall yard cleanup. You don’t have to worry about walking to your toolbox in your garage every time you want another tool.

Isn’t it super convenient? Save your time of multiple visits back and forth to bring our wedding knives, gardening shears, hand shovels, or pruners. 

Pressure wash the concretes

First, get done with clearing off the fall leaves. Now check your patio or other concrete spaces in your yard. You might notice some stains. They are just some leaf stains from the collected leaves.

Don’t worry they are not going to be there forever. Take a chance on your fall yard cleanup and shine your sidewalks and driveways altogether. All you have to do is use a pressure washer. Angle in all of the stained concrete areas and you’ll have a clean concrete surface.

Do you have a larger concrete area and feel like a pressure washer won’t work? Then try attaching a surface cleaner to make your job easier.

But if you feel like your larger yard needs help, do not hesitate to call us right away. 

Rake on tarps

As YOU do the cutting and cleaning in your yard, tarps can collect them without spreading. It’s the most feasible way to transport your leaves and twigs to your compost bin. 

Btw, make sure to have the right size tarp. A small tarp is inefficient and a bigger tarp can be too heavy to carry. Follow the steps below for successful use of tarps in your yard:

  • Place it in the clean area of your yard.
  • Use a leaf rake or a blower to collect the waste on it. 
  • After collecting, fold every corner(4 corners) and pack it to carry the debris. 
  • Now dispose of in the right place

If you hire our fall clean up services, you do not have to worry about where to dispose. After efficiently completing your fall yard cleanup, we take care of the remaining debris. We carry trucks to pick up your debris and drop it in the right location.

Use a leaf blower for gutter cleaning

Do you still clean your gutters by hand? Well, let’s tell you, there’s a lot easier way. Buy or rent a leaf blower. The best part is most of them even come with special extensions these days. So, you don’t have to worry about leaves getting stuck just because you couldn’t reach up there. 

But, sometimes gutters are way too much stuck with fall leaves. If you entertain it for days they may even create cracks. Call our fall clean up services now and clean your gutter right away. 

Refresh your flower beds

Fall is a great time to move away any dying or dead plants and flowers. If you have a little extra money then buy a couple of nesting pot planters. This way you can quickly switch your flower beds with annual plants every season. 

Just dig a hole of the same size as your pot and place the holder pot. Fill the edges with dirt. Now place a new plant that is still in a pot in the buried container. 

Enjoy a fresh yard with a professional cleanup

Following the above ideas would make you achieve an easy fall cleanup routine. We have one of Buffalo’s best landscapers at Prime Landscapers. With constant training and education, our professionals assure never to make any mistakes. We’d make sure to pick up every twig and leaves off of your lawn. So, get your fall yard cleanup done in no time and enjoy the autumn breeze. 

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