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Top Common Mistakes You Must Avoid During Tree Care

Almost every tree and shrub in your garden require proper maintenance to keep it up to its best shape. But you need to be extremely careful while taking trees and shrubs care because your one little mistake can damage the plant and even destroy it completely. 

Let us learn about the most common shrub and tree care mistakes you can make during tree care.

Top 5 Common Mistakes Need to Avoid During Tree Care

Fertilizer Misuse:

Just like any other tree, your beloved plants need specific nutrients to flourish. It’s wise to discuss these needs of your plants with an expert from tree and shrub care services to ensure you don’t damage your plants. Using the wrong type or quantity of fertilizer, or applying the right fertilizer at the wrong time, can rapidly damage or even kill a plant.

Common Trimming Mistakes:

Proper pruning and trimming can help improve the attractiveness of your garden, while improper techniques or wrong cuts can weaken a plant’s potential and even destroy it completely.  

Therefore, please do some research or study before starting the trimming procedure as part of taking tree and shrub care.

One of the best tree services in Buffalo NY, Prime Landscapers, suggests the following things.

Don’t cut too close to the base of a tree. As it can increase the risk of disease and pest infestation. 

Most pruning is done within mid and late winter to early spring. But you should recheck your particular plants so you don’t accidentally cut off their crucial branches. 

Planting Mistakes:

You should put the plants where they fit the best, even if the places where you didn’t intend to plant them first. The blooms and foliage can become striking in the wrong environmental conditions, like extra shade, low soil nutrients, or less water supply. This is a very common mistake for ornamental trees and shrubs.

As you plan your backyard’s landscape, do your research and plant the trees accordingly after reading the tags to determine sunlight, water, and soil nutrient requirements for each tree and shrub.

Watering Mistakes:

Like any other plants, ornamental trees and shrubs need water to stay alive and grow, but overwatering can be as damaging as underwatering. A good soil modification is a great way to help improve drainage.

Mulching Mistakes:

Mulch can play a major role in helping healthy plants by offering them proper soil temperatures, reducing weed growth, and retaining moisture. But too much mulching can be very harmful to the plants.

You need to keep your mulch between one to three inches deep. Piling mulches too close to the bases of your trees and shrubs can cause the trunks to rot and reduce the growth of root systems.


There are many other tree and shrub care mistakes one can make. But if you are unsure of your abilities, feel free to consult an expert, from Prime Landscapers. 

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