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Protect Your Health by Saying No to DIY Show Shoveling and a YES to Prime Landscapers – The Best Snow Removal Company in Buffalo

Homeowners prefer shoveling up the snow themselves instead of hiring snow removal service Buffalo, NY services.

Are you one of those?

Then, mate, you are down the right path!

Why are we saying so!

There are a lot of reasons why we want every person to hire Prime Landscapers – the best snow removal company in Buffalo.

Firstly, of course, convenience!

But we think there is another good reason for you folks to let the best snow plowing company in Buffalo deal with the snow.

We don’t want you to die!

Sorry for that pretty harsh statement!

But, read some eye-opening statistics.

Statistics to prove that snow shoveling can kill!

  • 2 inches or more of snow is associated with a 14% increase in heart attack risks.
  • Continuous 3 days of snowfall was linked to 20% heart attack risks.
  • 8 inches of snow was linked to an overall 34% increase in heart attacks.

Heavy snowfall brings in a lot of shoveling for the people who fear getting broke by hiring snow removal companies. But all that extra physical activity can be life-threatening.

Hospitals across New York have reported that a day after a heavy snowfall, they see a spike in heart attacks and chest pains. A climb is as steep as 23 percent!

Other than heart attacks, soft tissue damages and cardiac-related injuries can be a common sight after DIY snow shoveling.

DIY snow shoveling led to 100 deaths and 11,500 injuries each year between 1990 and 2006.

Who’s at the most risk from snow shoveling? The people who are 55 and older

  • • Have coronary artery disease
    • A diabetic or high blood pressure person

Snow shoveling is dangerous as it sufficiently increases the heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, sudden exposure to cold air decreases the normal flow of oxygenated blood to the heart.

The average weight of a shovel is approximately 16 pounds. That’s the weight of a car. Thus, a 50-70-year-old working around with that heavy equipment is not a good plan. That kind of activity triggers heart attacks each year.

Convinced on why you should hire Prime Landscapers – the best snow removal company in Buffalo?

We are sure the dangers of DIY show shoveling are quite evident by now. So, why do you want to invite such unnecessary troubles when you have the best snow removal service near me?

We have got the best cutting-edge snow removal equipment to plow and remove snow without using a shovel. Our adept snow removal professionals can work out the best equipment to clear off any volume of snow from your lot.

Most importantly –

We have no reports of fatalities or injuries from our prior snow removal projects.

Other benefits of hiring Prime Landscapers – the best snow removal company in Buffalo

1. High-quality results

Firstly, Prime Landscapers leaves no effort in ensuring that your driveway and sidewalks are perfectly cleaned.

2. Easy convenience

With Prime Landscapers at service, you never have to worry about going out in the cold and clearing off the snow. Thus, you can sit back and relax while our team professionally clears up the snow.

3. Time-Saving

Our professionals have all the latest equipment to quickly clear any snow-covered surfaces.

Now, tell us –

Watching the best snow removal services with a snowblower or you with a shovel in hand?

Which sounds perfect?

Of course, hiring Prime Landscapers– the highest-rated snow removal company in Buffalo to keep any harm out of the winter season!

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