Best Professional Landscaping Service in Buffalo

Best Professional Landscaping Service in Buffalo, NY -2023

Create a pleasant outdoor space for recreation and fun, enjoy your outdoors! Gear up your health and strengthen your bonds with your family, a well-designed and well-maintained landscape can make it possible. This is where the Prime Landscapers can assist you Best Professional Landscaping Service in Buffalo.

We Maintain Your Gardens

Prime Landscapers creates and maintains gardens, and rejuvenates the existing ones, with expert landscapers we do landscaping design, installation, and maintenance across Buffalo, NY.

We Help You With Your Lawn Maintenance

We help you grow lawns, and maintain them too. Whether it is regular maintenance or interim maintenance of your lawn when you are away on holidays, or want a quick, one-off grass cut before the new tenants shift in, or thorough gardening service, we can assist you.

We are a professional gardening and land mowing company based in Buffalo NY and we specialize in offering friendly garden maintenance and lawn mowing services in Buffalo NY at the most reasonable rates. The lawn mowing services we offer also include edging, hedging, weed control, pruning, and removal of green waste and lawn clippings. And to do the job effortlessly and efficiently, we have the right equipment ranges to work on both small and large lawns. With our experience, we can easily transform open areas into living leisure spaces.

Mulching Services in Buffalo, NY.

Prime Landscapers offer mulch installation services on both small and large scales. The majority of the mulches that we offer come from the removed trees or ground stumps. Therefore, by choosing us, you can be assured that you will get the best mulch for your landscaping and lawn care requirements.

Sod Installation By Prime Landscapers, Buffalo, NY

The sod installation experts of our company have years of experience in nurturing healthy, gorgeous lawns for customers. And we follow an effective and professional sod installation process to ensure that the new lawn is properly laid to offer you the best possible results. And before we install the sod, we properly evaluate and examine the property to decide the shade/sun mix that the lawn presently gets. After that, we will review all the options and then suggest you the best sod type to install.

Spring Clean-up Services

Clean-up during and after spring may get very tiring, so Prime Landscapers help homeowners to prepare for the winter and summer. The clean-up service includes blowing, raking, and collecting leaves and yard waste from the landscaping and grass across the property. Apart from that, we also offer a final mowing service to leave the lawn and garden ready for the next season.

Tree Services in Buffalo, NY.

We have well-trained and fully insured arborists who can help you with your tree removal, pruning, trimming, stump grinding, and clearing sites, we also have tree surgeons who can help you with advice for the overview of any tree health.

Snow Removal and Snow Plowing Services

Buffalo Best Landscapers offer the best quality Snow Removal & Snow Plowing services in Buffalo NY that keep your properties safe. Besides, we also offer a snow removal service for keeping the decks, walkways, and patios clear of ice and snow. We are well-equipped with the best equipment ranges available on the marketplace for snow removal.

With years of experience and expertise in gardening, hard landscaping, and landscaping service, we offer the service that comes with a personal touch with a commitment to unmatched excellence. 

At Prime Landscapers, we have a team of professional gardeners and landscapers, who use their experience of landscaping designing, the vision for the properties, and the natural terrain to enhance the function and beauty of the landscape. So, every job that we perform is designed to last. And we always refuse to compromise on the materials and quality of our services.

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