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Best Landscaping Company in Buffalo – 5 Front Yard Landscaping Designs You’ll Absolutely Love

Your charming little front yard welcomes you to home every day!

That’s the first impression guests, neighbors, and prospective buyers make about your property.

So, why don’t you adorn it a little with the best landscaping company in Buffalo?

If you google for “best landscaping service near me in Buffalo”, Prime Landscapers is the name that will pop up. They have the most adept gardeners and landscapers in Buffalo NY that have some quite edgy front yard landscaping ideas.

Even if you have got a tiny space, Prime Landscapers can design captivating landscaping for your front yard.

In this blog, we have shortlisted 5 of their most popular landscaping ideas. Bookmark your favorite one and enhance the curb appeal of your properties with Prime Landscaper’s landscape services.

The 5 most enticing front yard landscaping ideas from Prime Landscapers

1. A minuscule water feature entry

You may have been thinking “water features on small yards” are completely impossible!

However, if you are planning on hiring the landscaping and gardening services from Prime Landscapers, this may not be so!

Prime Landscapers can create a charming pondless fountain on any tiny nook. They have the best landscapers near me that can even install a small pump inside the glazed pot to keep the water circulating freely.

Or if your yard has a shaded corner where plants struggle to grow, Prime Landscapers can design a pleasing fountain there.

2. A simple yet classy boxwood-edged pathway

The proficient landscaper from Prime Landscapers can design an elegant boxwood hedge for your yard. If you wish to shape up the tightly leafed branches of the boxwood shrubs into intricate designs, they can do it too.

This charming pathway can easily guide the eyes of visitors to the front door of the house. Visitors surely find it amusing to walk on a pathway instead of on grass.

3. An evergreen border with a vibrant pop of colors

Do you want to steer clear of regular annual flowers? But still, desire for some flashy colors in your front yard!

Then the best landscaping company in Buffalo can plant some breath-taking azaleas in your yard. Prime Landscapers has the best landscaping maintenance in Buffalo NY that can keep the azaleas blooming all through spring and early summers.

The local gardeners and landscapers have a huge stock of azaleas. From deep Fuschia to subtle white, you can plant it all. You can mix them up with some non-blooming evergreens.

4. Vintage bicycle planters

Want to add a whimsical touch to your front yard?

Then design up a lovely planter with Prime Landscapers on a vintage bicycle. They can easily accessorize a bike’s front and rear baskets into hanging baskets.

Then, lean the bicycle up against a tree or wall to create a fanciful vibe. Colorful annuals and ivy go perfectly with such vintage bicycles.

5. Lush hydrangeas and hostas

Try out this quirky blend of southern elegance and cottage charm with some lush hydrangeas. The best landscaping company in Buffalo can design a lush combination of hydrangeas and hostas.

This landscaping idea will perfectly doll up your tiny front yard during springs and summers.

Time to beautify your front yard with Prime Landscapers

Front yard not only renders the first impression to visitors. Also, they visualize the homeowner’s taste and personality.

Prime Landscapers can deliver you all types of landscape gardening designs that you envision for your yard. Their front yard landscaping can rightly magnify the character and style of homes.

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