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7 Whimsical Ideas to Add in Your Garden

The right touchups can make your gardens magical. Don’t we just love to keep them prettiest? There are many creative ideas out there just right at the tap of your fingers. 

Whimsical-inspired fun additions for gardens are the new trends these days. With mixed textures, materials, and shapes, the best landscaping company can make everything possible. 

Want to know some of our ideas? Let’s show you our best eight ideas for a whimsical garden that’s been on trend with our clients these days. 

7  Ideas that will give your garden a whimsical touch

1. Define garden pathways and borders

You can define your garden borders with an accenting transition. It’s pretty simple. Let’s look into the elements that you may use to edge:  

  • Pavers, 
  • Decorative rocks 
  • Arbors 
  • Attractive fences 
  • Low-growing shrubs 
  • Arches, etc. 

With these elements, you may edge your pathways, and in-ground and around your flower beds. 

Do you already have a patio installed? You may edge it to be the center of attraction in your entire garden. These elements work even better if you want to create an inviting entrance. 

Pro Tip: If you want to make it look more interesting and done, try putting some stepping stones between your garden beds.

(Smaller details make bigger differences.)

2. Wonderful water features

Your garden looks incomplete without a water feature. This feature serves as a soothing sound with natural flowing movement. Moreover, won’t you just love to offer a lifeline to pollinators and wildlife? 

Relax, because we are not talking about a lake here. In fact, your water feature can be as simple as a birdbath. If you want to create an enhance whimsical statement, a fountain or elaborate waterfall, or pond will do the work.  Adding some pieces of large stones would be great for small birds, beads, or lizards. 

It’s water! So, are you concerned about mosquitoes? Remember that they can only breed in still water. So, you shouldn’t worry about running a fountain. In the case of a bird bath, changing the water after every three days will do.

3. Build relaxing spots

Adding seating areas will create interest and personality in your garden. If you love to often arrange gatherings and entertainment a pair of lounge chairs will do the job. Arrange them around your fire pit to make it extra functional. 

Do you often dine outdoors? Now you can create your own with Prime Landscapers. We can build a grill section with a set of tables and chairs. Even the most basic garden design should have a small bistro set or a bench. 

4. Illuminate your garden

Let the evening knock at your door and start to slowly stroll across your garden. A string of lights would make you feel downright magical. Add flickering tiki torches to have the vibe of a real flame. 

Do you like trellises in your garden? We have adorned arched trellises with fairy string lights in the past. We just cannot express how wonderful they look.  A pack of bistro lights is even more fun when you know to add it. We install them mostly in overhead functional areas that make spaces bright and entertaining.

5. Blend texture & materials

Use multiple ground covers, plant textures, and hardscaping materials to balance your garden. You can even play with height to add extra interest. For example, we build a combination of in-ground planting and raised bed areas in the past. 

Any idea on how to incorporate materials with shapes? Try to incorporate round stones, dramatic tree stumps, wine barrel planters, curved lines, large boulders, and potted plants. Such features soften any garden space. For example, combine wood chips and gravel nearby to create a blend of modern and classic. 

A herringbone layout and U-shaped pattern are popular in the recent ideas of fun additions for garden

Do you love perennial gardens? We can blend the following features enticingly into your garden:

  • Add plants of multiple heights
  • Plants with different leaf sizes or shapes
  • Plants bloom at different times. 
  • Add flowy plants like ferns or ornamental grasses.

Break the shell and let yourself experience the magic of a whimsical garden with us. 

6. Adorn art with garden statues

Statues are a great way to create an elegant whimsical impression in your garden. The best way to start with a statue is to make your plan on what you exactly want. Are you planning on a whimsical fairy garden? Or do you want to relax and inspire? We can suggest different designs as per your taste.  

Placing the garden statues, we surround them with plants to give a natural feel. But we choose the plants which do not really grow and obscure the statue. If you want a modern style then we may surround you with stones and gravel.

The best locations to place statues in the garden could be

  • Near your walkways.
  • Next to your water feature
  • Across your patio and furniture

7. Stone pathways for rustic charm

Stone pathways are a great complement for whimsical cottage garden designs or natural gardens. You may choose your favorite stones from a wide range of designs. It is all a matter of taste and as such, any flat or wide stones will do. Most people choose flagstone for walkways than considering a specific kind of rock.

We’d rather advise choosing stones that are local to Buffalo.

And that’s how you make a Whimsical garden!

Let the professionals do the job

We make the best out of your imagination. Our Buffalo best landscapers have been practising multiple added features to gardens. Combining aesthetics and taste, we assure you an eye-soothing outdoor space with fun additions for the garden

Contact Prime Landscapers for beautiful garden aesthetics!

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