Sod Installation

Types of Grass to Choose for Sod Installation Service in Buffalo, NY

When you plan to install sod it helps to know the type of grass and its qualities so that you can install the type of sod that meets your requirements.


Requires a good amount of sunlight and water, holds heavy traffic but has a tendency to form clumps 

Kentucky Bluegrass

Forms a green dense appealing mat that has an appealing green color needs more fertilization, it can grow both in sunny and slightly shady areas and holds heavy foot traffic.

Tall Fescue Grass

This variety has wide blades and is coarse to touch, they grow in clumps, and hold foot traffic but look untidy due to their tendency to grow in clumps 

Fine Fescue

This type of grass is tolerant to shades and drought-tolerant, it is a good choice when you are living close to the seacoast as it has tolerance for salt. It is low-maintenance grass as it does not require much fertilization and it holds up foot traffic  

St Augustine Grass

Forms dense matt due to its slow creeping growth, suitable for coastal areas, it is salt resistant and shade resistant, it does not need frequent mowing 

Zoysia Grass

It’s a warm-season grass, it spreads rapidly, it might invade your garden beds, and it forms a dense mat but has a tendency to produce heavy thatch. 

Centipede Grass

It grows in warm weather conditions, does not need much water or fertilization, can tolerate acidic soil, forms a thick mat, and suppresses the growth of weeds, it is preferred for its low maintenance. But does not hold foot traffic very well.

Bermuda Grass

It is a vigorous and aggressive growing grass that has drought and salt tolerance and holds foot traffic very well, it requires frequent mowing, which increases maintenance. 

Bahia Grass

It is a warm-season grass that needs less fertilization, is suited for acidic soil, is drought tolerant, and can hold foot traffic in moderation.

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Sod Installation Service in Buffalo, NY

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