Buffalo’s Best Landscapers

Live in Style!! with Buffalo’s Best Landscapers

In recent years Landscaping has moved to a whole new level, a decent landscape has become a necessity, and modern architects give equal importance to the outdoors, it is your landscape that sets the tone for the remaining part of your house. 

As you step into a property that has an appealing landscape, you set that first impression of the owner of the property. Prime Landscapers in Buffalo, NY will help you create that lasting impact on your visitors. We specialize in designing and installing appealing hardscape structures and combining them with lush gardens. 

Garden and Landscape Maintenance Services in Buffalo, NY

We are Buffalo’s Best Landscapers. We take up all types of landscaping installation, repair, and maintenance services in and around the Buffalo region. We install mulch and keep your garden looking great, we provide mulch installation services for commercial and residential projects. We use organic mulch from trees and ground stumps, for natural and eco-friendly mulching.  

We provide pressure cleaning services for residential and commercial properties with the help of pressure washing, by using the Water blasting technique, to clean your decks, patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

Tree Trimming Services in Buffalo, NY

Prime Landscapers understands the basic structures of trees and trims them accordingly, we do it in the right season with exact precision, and we use sharp and sterilized tools to avoid permanent damage to your trees. We trim and shape your trees and make them look exceptionally beautiful. 

Fall Clean-up Services in Buffalo, NY

If fall clean-up bothers you, we understand the fact that it is tiring and time-consuming work. We offer fall clean-up services during and after the spring season. We clean all the debris of the dead leaves and will help you with all kinds of tree trimming or tree removal services. We clear your garden of all the weeds, help you get rid of any type of infestation, and ensure that you are left with a greener garden and stronger plants. 

Landscape Irrigation Services in Buffalo, NY

We offer all types of garden irrigation services such as drip irrigation, sprinklers, conversion from manual to automated irrigation systems, and installation and repairs of existing sprinklers and leak detections and repairs. 

Sod Installation in Buffalo, NY

Prime Landscapers create lush green garden for your landscape, by installing premium quality sod, the result is you have a great-looking garden in a short span of time, you don’t have to wait for the grass to grow from the seeds, we provide you instant landscaping services by installing Premium quality sod.

For all types of  Garden Landscaping and landscaping care and maintenance call us at 716-404-5544 or email us at sales@primelandscapers.com We will be glad to help you.