Christmas lighting

Christmas Lighting and Mulch Installation in Buffalo, NY

Illuminate your home with the glowing Christmas lighting of the classic Christmas motifs, from white shining bulbs to snowflake star motifs, Prime Landscapers does it all for you.

Christmas lights Installation in Buffalo, NY

A tall illuminated Christmas tree will give you that Christmas vibe outdoors. If you plan to decorate your Christmas tree or turn any tree into a Christmas decorative tree, we will create that desired Christmas ambiance for you. We will install those perfect, tree-wrapping gorgeous lights for your planters and trees.

Create that mesmerizing focal point in your landscape, by illuminating your Christmas tree. Let the soft beauty of the winter landscape create the desired setting for Christmas lighting décor.

If regular landscape maintenance is what you are looking for, Prime Landscapers in Buffalo, NY has the best landscaping solutions for you. Right from landscape design, and installation to landscaping maintenance, we take care of your Buffalo outdoor lighting.

Mulch Installation Service in Buffalo, NY

We use the best mulching techniques, our mulch installation in your garden beds to keep your garden bed looking vibrant with colors, we help you reduce the evaporation of water, and inhibit the growth of weeds. If you are looking for synthetic mulch, we can do it for you. 

We also deliver mulch to your location, to get the best mulching material, get in touch with us.

Prime Landscapers has several years of experience in mulching, we know, what type of mulch will suit your garden beds and suggest the right kind of mulch for your garden

Quick Weed Control Services in Buffalo, NY

We offer Buffalo yard maintenance. Our experts at Prime Landscaping have a look at your lawn and offer you the best weed control solution that is suitable for your lawn. We use the best weed-control products, and our professionals treat your lawn safely, using the proper quantity of the weed-control product. Our weed control is so effective that, after the treatment, in some days the weeds will start curling up and disappear completely.

We do your regular garden maintenance. You don’t have to do the tough cleaning up during and after the spring season. We will do the clean-up for you, we will remove the dead leaves and stumps, and help you with any type of tree trimming or tree removal service. We ensure that you are left with a weed-free lawn, and we will help you get rid of any type of infestation, you can be assured that by calling us you took the right decision, we will make your landscape a comfortable, and serene place for you to relax.

Our mulch installation services promote healthy plants and trees, we install mulch very quickly, and we give special offers and discounts for big orders, our licensed and insured Landscaping professionals are dedicated to giving you the best garden maintenance service in Buffalo.

For any kind of Garden Landscaping and Lawn care and maintenance call us at 716-404-5544 or email us at We will be glad to help you.

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